Ag & Food Law CoP Management Team: the Agricultural & Food Law Consortium


Led by the National Agricultural Law Center, the Agricultural & Food Law Consortium is a national, multi-institutional collaboration designed to enhance and expand the development and delivery of authoritative, timely, and objective agricultural and food law research and information.  The Consortium is the leadership for the eXtension Ag & Food Law CoP and manages the CoP. If you are a licensed attorney who would like to be a member of the Ag & Food Law CoP, please contact Rusty Rumley, Senior Staff Attorney at the National Agricultural Law Center at

Consortium members are:

  • The National Agricultural Law Center (Harrison Pittman, Director);
  • The Ohio State University, Agricultural & Resource Law Program (Peggy Kirk Hall, Director);
  • Center for Agricultural and Shale Law, Penn State Dickinson School of Law (Ross Pifer, Director); and
  • The National Sea Grant Law Center, University of Mississippi School of Law (Stephanie Showalter Otts, Director).

Research and information produced by the Consortium is available to the nation’s vast agricultural community of producers, attorneys, state and federal policymakers, Cooperative Extension Service professionals, and others at the local, state, regional, and national levels.  Agricultural law and food law includes law related to land-based food, fiber, and energy production systems, as well as seafood and marine-based aquaculture.