Agritourism Insurance Issues

Because of the inherent risks involved in running a recreational tourism operation, the landowner must acquire adequate liability insurance. For the most part, policies that cover general agricultural operations do not cover agritourism activities on the land. The landowner should obtain either a rider on the existing policy or a new policy specifically covering the recreational activity.

The premium for such a policy will be based in large part on the degree of risk associated with a particular recreational activity. …

Agritourism Landowner Liability

Photo by Flickr user Putneypics, CC2.0

In most states, a landowner’s liability is dependent on the status or classification of the individual on the landowner’s premises. The three classifications are:

  • Trespasser
  • Licensee
  • Invitee

The information provided below is general in nature, and can differ from one jurisdiction to another. 


A trespasser is generally defined as a person who enters the land of another without the landowner’s permission or consent. Under some circumstances, an individual who enters another’s land with …