2018 Farm Bill Outlook


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With net farm income in the U.S. falling to a 12-year low, there are very real challenges in the farm economy. The 2018 Farm Bill will seek to provide much needed relief to farmers and ranchers by improving farm safety net programs, revisiting conservation programs, and potentially making reforms in nutrition programs. Dr. Newton will provide an outlook on the 2018 Farm Bill and highlight some of the key policy issues identified by American Farm Bureau Federation’s Farm Bill …

Oct. 4 Webinar: Legal Issues With Ag Data (Big and Small)


With the explosion of “Big Data” has come a lot of speculation about the benefits of new data tools, along with a lot of concerns.  This webinar will work to separate some fact from fiction by starting with an explanation of just exactly what “Big Data” means, and the legal framework for handling farmers’ ownership of the data they generate, and answer the question of whether data can even be “owned.”  The discussion will also cover the legal issues …